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Enam Panduan Harga Durian Malaysia | Six Guide Malaysia Durian Price

Semua orang suka makan durian, tetapi berapa banyak orang tahu harga purata bagi durian? Untuk mendapatkan harga yang terbaik, termurah dan durian paling segar, anda perlulah membeli pada awal musim durian iaitu antara bulan Jun dan Ogos. Ini kerana sewaktu masa ini harga adalah sangat murah. Di sini saya hendak kongsikan harga durian Malaysia yang famous serta sifatnya;

Musang King Durian

1) Mao Shan Wang, a.k.a. Musang King/Raja Kunyit (RM20 – RM28 per KG)
The most popular durian at the moment, this durian is known to be the top breed of the fruit. It is the only durian which is said to taste more sweet than bitter. Along with the golden yellowish smooth flesh, the seeds of this breed are small, so small that sometimes you might even get to find seedless ones. Due to its popularity, the price of this durian has increased year by year.

2) D175 – Red Prawn, a.k.a. Ang Heh/Udang Merah (RM15 – RM22 per KG)

This durian is well known as a second grade after the Mao Shan Wang. A well sought after breed in the country, this durian boasts creamy, custard-like flesh that ranges from yellow to reddish in colour, which is where its name comes from. The Red Prawn durian brings a bitter sweet taste.

3) D163 – Hor Lor (RM13 – RM22 per KG)

This breed of durian got its name from the Hor Lor pumpkin that it resembles. The Hor Lor durian is known for its thick, creamy flesh. The seeds of this durian are also small, but the fruit brings a little bitterness to the taste. Here’s an interesting trivia: Hor Lor durians from trees older than 40 years old tend to have a chocolate-like flavour.

4) D24 (RM12 – RM20 per KG)

D24 used to be the top choice for durian enthusiasts a few years back before its position was displaced by the Musang King. As the demand for this durian decreases, the price of it in the market today has reduced as well.
The smell of this durian is said to be the strongest of all durians. The D24 boasts yellowish, creamy, dry textures of thick flesh, with a strong bitter taste before the sweet taste kicks in.

5) D101 – Durian Mas (RM10 – RM18 per KG)

Originating from Johor, the D101 is usually the choice for customers who want a milder taste. This breed is not as bitter as its counterparts are and it also has a special creamy texture to its flesh that Johor people like to describe as ‘Johor’s special creamy taste’.

6) Durian Kampung (RM6 – RM12 per KG)

The most common durians you can find in the market. The Malay word kampung means village, which basically means that these durians were not planted in a mass plantation but in a village. The taste of Durian Kampung can range from bitter to bitter sweet but can be quite dry and are usually smaller than the durians planted in a plantation.

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